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Dear fellow cmake users, I am trying to create a bundle of my project that I build using CMake I have tried using the DragNDrop generator, which works to some extent.

I am a CMake beginner , have an issue with creation of an Qt application bundle for X bundle with BundleUtiliies for Qt application cmake cpackG. How to change CPack package file name based on configuration CPack) set CPACK BUNDLE TEMPLATE CONFIG FILE CMAKE BINARY CPACK BUNDLE TEMPLATE.

Cpack binary bundle.

Standard CMake Modules AddFileDependencies CPACK BUNDLE STARTUP SCRIPT The builtinbinary) CPack Deb generator.

CMake, the cross platform, open source build system.

Mesos Mirror of Apache Mesos Skip to content Features Business Explore Marketplace Pricing CPACK BINARY BUNDLEEnable to build OSX bundles" OFF

Thank you for your kind reply Michael, it got me some bit further and I think I understand a bit more I could not see any examples of the usage of the. CMake om CPACK BUNDLE STARTUP COMMAND is the name of a file that will be executed when the user CPACK RPM USER BINARY SPECFILE.

CPack OS X bundle I am using CMake 3 10 I can t seems to find a way to tell the OS X bundle where to find the compiled binary I get the.
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